Xiaomi May Launch the Snapdragon 845-powered Mi 7 at MWC 2018

Xiaomi May Launch the Snapdragon 845-powered Mi 7 at MWC 2018

Last year, Qualcomm announced its next-generation flagship system-on-chip, the Snapdragon 845. It’s is expected to ship in a number of 2018 flagship Android devices, and a Xiaomi phone might beat others to the punch: CEO Lei Jun recently announced that the Xiaomi Mi 7 would sport Qualcomm’s new chip.

Mr. Jun didn’t reveal details about the phone or its launch time frame, unfortunately. But the official webpage for Mobile World Congress 2018 lists Xiaomi as an exhibitor, which lends credence to rumors the company will unveil the Mi 7 in late February.

Xiaomi MWC 2018

Source: Mobile World Congress

The Xiaomi Mi 7 is the successor to the Mi 6, which had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip, a 5.1-inch Full HD display, 6GB of RAM with 64/128GB of storage, a dual camera consisting of two 12MP sensors, and a 3350mAh battery.

Apart from the Snapdragon 845, not much is known about the Xiaomi Mi 7. Rumors suggest it’ll have a 6-inch 18:9 aspect ratio display, which seems likely considering Xiaomi launched budget phones last year with 18:9 screens. It’s also said to support wireless charging and facial authentication. The Snapdragon 845 confirmation is newsworthy enough, though — its new CPU coresnew GPU, new ISP, new DSP, and more make it a major upgrade from last year’s Snapdragon 835.

If the Mi 7 is unveiled at Mobile World Congress, it’ll share the stage with Samsung’s Galaxy S9, which will reportedly launch at the same event. If that turns to be the case, it will be reminiscent of MWC 2016, where the Galaxy S7 and the Xiaomi Mi 5 were both unveiled during the convention.

We expect to learn more details about the Mi 7 in the time leading to its unveiling.

Source: Android Central

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