Xiaomi to Launch MIUI 9 and Mi 5X on 26th July in China

Xiaomi to Launch MIUI 9 and Mi 5X on 26th July in China

One of the most controversial aspects of smartphones from Xiaomi is the customizations that Xiaomi opts for. Called MIUI, the UX is much more than a skin or a theme, as it functionally and aesthetically modifies a lot of things present in stock Android. Because of its deep changes, many users can sway from loving the skin to detesting it for its resource intensive nature and many often-unnecessary features.

In typical Xiaomi fashion, the company has announced in its forums that the next update to MIUI is all set to launch on July 26, right alongside the new Xiaomi Mi 5X. The event will take place in China at 2pm Beijing Time (GMT +8).

The forum post details all that is known so far about MIUI 9:

  • Redesigned Lock Screen Shortcut
  • Split Screen functionality
  • Three new themes pre-installed
  • Removed a few rarely used features

The list mentioned above is not exhaustive and acts just like a teaser, as Xiaomi is likely to keep a lot of the goodies reserved for the main launch day. The new update will not only add new features, it will also attempt to clean up the UX by removing a few rarely used features, ones which we hope are actually rarely used.

MIUI 9 will be first revealed in its Chinese ROM format. The Global variant of the ROM will take time, usually coinciding with the release of a prominent device with MIUI 9 in a prominent market like India. As far as rollout is concerned, MIUI 9 will first land on a limited number of devices in the first batch and then gradually expand batch wise to ensure that any unforeseen bugs are caught and dealt with before the wide rollout.

We expect MIUI 9 to ordinarily use Android 7.1 Nougat as its base. But as previously noted in our reviews, MIUI versions and Android versions do not necessarily correspond to each other nor carry the same features, and one can have different combinations of features and Android versions. Newer devices can expect to run MIUI 9 on Nougat, while older devices may not be as lucky.

What are your thoughts on MIUI 9 and its upcoming launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: MIUI Forums

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