Xiaomi finally adds two-factor authentication for Mi accounts

Xiaomi finally adds two-factor authentication for Mi accounts

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In the wake of increasing cyberattacks, activating two-factor authentication for all crucial accounts has become a necessity if you value the security of your data. Recently, research work from Google outlined, “100% of automated bots, 96% of bulk phishing attacks, and 76% of targeted attacks” were averted in the case of Google accounts that had SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) activated on their devices. While SMS is one of the popular ways of employing 2FA, other methods such as in-app confirmation dialogs or using Google Authenticator app are also preferred by certain users. Likewise, using one device which is presently signed into an account can often be used to grant access on other devices and that is something we’re now seeing Xiaomi integrate for the Mi account sign-in process.

Xiaomi is now turning on device-based two-factor authentication in MIUI 10. According to the screenshots shared by XDA Member kackskrz, the two-factor authentication feature will notify you on “other connected devices” when you attempt a fresh log-in on a device or from a new location which is not registered in your Mi account. You will have the options to authorize the log-in or decline it.

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Alternatively, you can instead have the option to use the 2FA feature, but that would be less secure than real-time alerts. The advantage, however, is that you can use this if you have a single Xiaomi or Redmi device. We don’t see an option for SMS-based authentication but it may be added later.

Besides maintaining the security of devices, the feature should also prevent any illegitimate access to Mi Cloud. Further, since the Mi ID is one of the requisites if you want to request for the unlocking of the bootloader, you should get notified in case if anyone tries to misuse their access to your device.

Thanks to XDA Member kackskrz for the screenshots

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