Xiaomi wants to be more like Costco rather than Apple

Xiaomi wants to be more like Costco rather than Apple

Since the company started to gain traction with their affordable smartphones, Xiaomi has been compared to Apple on a number of occasions. Some people have made this comparison because of the way Lei Jun, the company’s founder, has dressed at numerous press events. Others believe this because of how some Xiaomi smartphones have resembled Apple hardware in the past. No matter the reason though, this comparison between the two corporations has been made time and time again and it’s unlikely we’ll ever stop hearing it.

Since those early days though, Xiaomi has matured as a company in many areas. They’ve started to grow into their own design style when it comes to their smartphones. They have expanded beyond smartphones and tablets with products such as purifiers, TVs, and even pens. As the company has grown, they’ve reached a growth plateau in their home market thanks to increased competition from the likes of Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo. Still, the company is targeting $15 billion in total sales for 2017 and would like to finally put an end to these comparisons to Apple.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lei Jun talked about how he would like to see the Xiaomi brand compared in the future. It’s not as if Xiaomi only sells a few models of smartphones at 2-4 times the price they cost to make, but this isn’t really why Xiaomi has been likened to Apple in the past anyways. Still, Mr. Jun feels that Xiaomi should be compared to companies such as the Issaquah, Washington-based warehouse retailer known as Costco.

Both companies sell a number of different products and are selling them for incredibly low and competitive prices. Xiaomi has been putting a lot of focus in the Indian market as of late, and it has shown thanks to the success they have been having there. This is because of how competitive their products are and Mr. Jun feels that they “want users to enjoy better products at an affordable price.”

Source: Bloomberg

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