A new wireless charger by Xiaomi is on the way

A new wireless charger by Xiaomi is on the way

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Xiaomi is working on a lot of new hardware lately. With the Xiaomi Mi Box 4 seemingly on the way, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 just announced, and the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro announced as well, the company certainly has no end to upcoming hardware in sight. As spotted by Roland Quandt of WinFuture, it doesn’t seem like the constant stream of new hardware is set to stop any time soon. The Wireless Power Consortium has just certified a wireless charger made by the company.

The only smartphone by the company that supports Qi wireless charging is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s so far. It’s unlikely that the company would invest money into making a wireless charger unless it plans for additional Xiaomi devices to make use of it. Therefore, it’s a safe assumption that the company is gearing up to release wireless charging in a future device. Nevertheless, it does demonstrate a willingness of the company to expand and it’s a possibility for even more affordable hardware when compared to the rest of the competition.

As we’re seeing this device through the Wireless Power Consortium now, it likely isn’t too far off from release. It could very well be that we see it released with its first device later this year or even sooner if the company wants to sell it as a standalone first. With wireless charging technology making somewhat of a resurgence, now may be the time for companies to get in and capitalize on the growing interest.

Source: Wireless Power Consortium