Xiaomi’s double folding smartphone makes another video appearance

So far, 2019 feels like an exciting year for the implementation of newer form factors. While the different choices for the style of notches have seized most of the attention, certain smartphone manufacturers are also experimenting with foldable smartphones -a trend which might dominate the future of mobile devices. Samsung and Huawei have already demonstrated real-life use cases of their foldable smartphones while Motorola’s redefined clamshell, Moto Razr is expected to be surface soon too. At the same time, Xiaomi is also gearing up for the foldable smartphone game and, perhaps, has the most interesting concept of them all. The company has now released a second teaser for the double folding smartphone to keep followers on the edge of their chairs.

The folding smartphone concept by Xiaomi uses not just one but two creases, allowing double folds on the smartphone. The smartphone was first teased by the company’s senior executives back in January, showing the different orientations in which it can work. Now, another video of the double folding smartphone has been released by Xiaomi’s official Weibo handle. Even though it doesn’t reveal much, the animation accompanying the transitions from the larger footprint to a smaller form factor seems a bit smoother and refined compared to earlier. Further, the video also shows a USB port at the bottom of the device.

The USP of Xiaomi’s double folding smartphone is its convenient and compact design which allows easy use with a single hand. Another aspect which we can expect from Xiaomi is affordability. While the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X will easily cost you $2000 or even more, Xiaomi’s offering can be expected to be much cheaper.

It is hard to pinpoint why Xiaomi chose to include the instant noodles in the frame of the video, but my gut says it could either be to metaphorize the quick transition or the ease of use with one hand. There are no direct references for a launch date and any euphemism seems to be lost in translation. Something more interesting than instant noodles is definitely cooking at Xiaomi and we’d love to share more details as soon as they are served.

Via: GSMArena

Source: Weibo/Xiaomi

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