Xiaomi’s Mi Browser can now save WhatsApp statuses and show your Facebook feed

Xiaomi’s Mi Browser can now save WhatsApp statuses and show your Facebook feed

In case you own a Xiaomi device, you’d know that the company offers several alternatives to Google apps on its MIUI operating system. Among these apps is the Mi Browser which is notorious for serving copious amounts of ads. In a bid to offer users a better browsing experience, Xiaomi rolled out a completely new browser called Mint Browser all the way back in 2018. However, despite its popularity, Xiaomi doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the Mint Browser either and is now launching a third browser app that will, most likely, replace the other two browsers.

As per a recent report from Android Police, the all-new Mi Browser takes design cues from the Mint Browser and features a more modern aesthetic when compared to the traditional Mi Browser. It also comes with a few tweaks and additional features, including a bottom navigation bar, two tabs for suggested YouTube videos and games, and a new app icon. Xiaomi has also included a dedicated Facebook page that will allow users to access their Facebook feed right on the browser’s home page.


The browser also features a download button for saving videos and a new WhatsApp icon that will help users save their contacts’ WhatsApp statuses. In order to achieve this, the Mi Browser accesses the data saved by the WhatsApp app and extracts the temporary files. While this may be a convenient feature for some users, it comes with its own set of privacy issues.

It’s also worth noting that Xiaomi hasn’t updated its Mint Browser or the old Mi Browser in over a month, which leads us to believe that the new Mi Browser will replace both these apps on the Play Store and within MIUI. If you’re interested in checking out Xiaomi’s new browser, you can go ahead and download it from the Play Store by following the link below. In case you don’t see the Play Store listing yet, you can also download it from APK Mirror by following this link.

Mi Browser
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Via: Android Police

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