XiaoMiTool v2 for Windows helps you mod your Xiaomi smartphone

XiaoMiTool v2 for Windows helps you mod your Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi smartphones are among the current crop of smartphones that are developer-friendly. While some of Xiaomi’s modding policies are strict and often unreasonable (like the much-talked about long waits for unlocking the bootloader), the fact still remains that these are best value, popular, and currently relevant devices that you can own if you do care about modding your device with ease. While I personally think that customizing a Xiaomi phone is simple enough, some may find it daunting. If you do, then XiaoMiTool by XDA Member franztesca makes it even simpler to install ROMs on your device.


XiaoMiTool is a software tool for Xiaomi devices, designed to work through a Windows computer. The tool automatically detects the connected Xiaomi device, its device info, ROMs which are available to install as well as the installation method to use. Some manual steps may be needed along the way, but the tool guides the user through it. The tool incorporates feature such as official ROM installation (through the stock recovery or EDL), guidance for bootloader unlock, recovery installation for both custom and stock recovery, ROM installation for stock as well as custom ROMs like Xiaomi.eu.

Feature list for XiaoMiTool v2 is as follows:

  • Autonomous fetching of roms (when available): official roms (chinese stable, beta, global stable, beta), xiaomi.eu roms, twrp, magisk and more to come.
  • Autonomous fetching of device information and status: currently installed rom, bootloader status, recovery
  • Autonomous decision of installation type: fastboot, stock recovery, twrp, fastboot recovery and more to come
  • Autonomous device management: you enable the usb debug, XMT2 will take care of almost everything else (rebooting, querying information, sending commands)
  • Autonomous driver installation: don’t bother forcing driver installation on your PC, XMT2 will do it for you
  • Autonomous tool installation: no other tool (minimal adb or else) is needed: XMT2 is all-in-one, install and run tool
  • Built in bootloader unlock tool. Works the same as the official one.

XiaoMiTool thread on XDA

External Download Link: Download XiaoMiTool v2 for Windows

Note that the tool runs on Windows and requires an active Internet connection. XiaoMiTool v2 is in alpha, so there are bugs around; if you encounter any, be sure to leave a feedback for the developer. Also, you do need to enable USB Debugging on your device for the tool to work. The tool is also intended for Xiaomi devices, and is not intended to be used on others. The tool also lacks a dedicated uninstaller, so the developer suggests users simply delete the C:\xiaomi\XiaoMiTool folder to remove the tool from your computer.

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