XOSP introduces Delta Updates and revamps their Changelog Application

XOSP introduces Delta Updates and revamps their Changelog Application

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The Xperia Open Source Project (XOSP) is a project based on CyanogenMod which aims to “create a custom minimal Xperia oriented experience” and includes many of the Xperia apps and features that Sony lovers have come to expect. Recently, the team introduced delta update support for XOSP. Instead of downloading approximately 300 megabytes to flash a new update, users can now download a flashable zip containing just the packages that were changed.

During the initial testing phase for delta updates, they noted that it took between 9 to 10 minutes to apply a new update. Given this success, XOSPDelta will now be included in the new RL8 REV1 builds this February. Once the new version is out, the weekly updates for all officially supported devices will roll out with the new delta update feature. The team gave XOSPDelta a shot during the Marshmallow release, but at the time it wasn’t fully ready. This time, the feature seems much more reliable.

Furthermore, the XOSP team has announced that their XOSPChangelogApp (XCA) will have some major changes as well, starting from RL8 REV 2. The application has undergone some major revamping. The previous XCA application showed the main changelog for a specific ROM as well as a changelog for each and every device. With the 2.0 version of XCA there will be just a single activity dedicated for each device. The application will directly load the latest changelog available after detecting the current device in use. If there is a new version of XOSP available, the application will allow you to download the latest Delta update.

There will be also a Floating Action Button (FAB) which once expanded will show the available ways to contact your maintainer and Calin (the lead developer). XCA has a standalone service that lets the application run in the background to check and notify for any new versions at a determined time, hence it won’t cause any unnecessary battery drain.

XOSP is a community driven, open source project that you can follow at their website, Google+, Facebook, or Telegram. Consider a donation to the team if you appreciate their efforts and want to see continued support for your device.