XOSP ROM Review for OnePlus 3

XOSP ROM Review for OnePlus 3


If you’ve ever been interested in an Xperia phone because of the appeal of the software then we may have a solution. In this XDA TV video, Miles takes a look at XOSP for the OnePlus 3. This ROM will port a lot of awesome features from the Xperia software to your phone.

XOSP Settings


Let’s take a look at some of the personalization options in in the settings menu. You can toggle things like the XOSP logo, SU indicator and Headset icon. You can also change the way the date appears in the status bar. Tweak the font, style and position, until you have it exactly as you like it.


Next up we have some lockscreen tweaks. You can control the amount of blur for content that sits behind the lockscreen.


There are lots of extensive controls for your blur settings that can create some really cool effects.


Control how you want your buttons to behave with a dedicated buttons menu. You’ll also have the SlimDim mod which has the ability to dim your navbar after a certain amount on inactivity.

CM Theme Enginevlcsnap-2016-07-23-10h28m22s269

The CM Theme engine in cooked into this ROM as well. Import all of your favorite themes to change the look of your system.

Check out the XOSP Thread here and download it for your OnePlus 3.