XP Modification and More for WM

XP Modification and More for WM

XDA member team.fluxion has released a set of apps for Windows Mobile devices for which he would like some feedback. Among them, there is one that will turn any WM device into a WM device running Windows XP (not really, but the look and feel is just like the real thing). Unlike other theming applications such as Wisbar, this one is a simple 1 cab install and 1 click launch. The app is very fast but not bug free, so if you can provide some feedback, that will probably me much appreciated.

Did you ever want Windows XP in your Pocket PC?
Then here is a miniature Windows XP which works like a file explorer and looks and sounds just like Windows XP!

XP Modification for Pocket PCs is a tool that imitates the looks of Microsoft Windows XP on the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. It lets you explore your file system and open different file formats using default programs as assigned in your device. It also provides the common file system operations like open with, copy, cut, paste, rename, new folder and provides properties just like the Windows XP. Back button and Address bar included to improve browsing experience.

The dev also offers a variety of other apps in the thread and is asking for ideas for more apps that him and his team can develop. So, if you want something or have an idea, please feel free to share it with the dev.

You can find more information in the apps thread.

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