Xperia Projector Shows up Again at CES 2017 — Android Touchscreen Device Projected Anywhere!

Xperia Projector Shows up Again at CES 2017 — Android Touchscreen Device Projected Anywhere!

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Lately, Sony has showcasing new devices that it claims are the next step in innovation for mobile technology. Dubbed “Xperia SmartProducts”, they are a new take with a small twist on not-so-old gadgets, often with just enough pizzazz to raise some eyebrows.

xperiaprojector2First shown alongside the Xperia X series back in February of 2016, these smart devices are what Sony calls products “with the brains and the beauty to redefine the way you communicate”. While most of them existed as mere visions and concepts back at Mobile World Congress 2016\, the Xperia Ear voice assistant is actually available now — but this was arguably the least ambitious of the products, though, as it is essentially a newer Moto Hint. What really made us raise our heads back then, and what we are still most excited about, is the Xperia Projector. Below is an excellent video by Linus Tech Tips demonstrating how the Xperia Projector works and what it’s good for:

In case you cannot watch the video, the Xperia Projector is indeed a laser projector that’s intended to bring a full-fledged Android tablet experience anywhere, projected onto any surface. It detects 10-point multi-touch rather accurately through an IR sensor on the device, making for a responsive and scalable Android touchscreen you can put anywhere in your house, including on furniture and even walls. It generates a 23-inch display which can also be scaled up to 80 inches by putting the device around 25cm away from the target surface (this being best for walls), which makes it great for gatherings or movies (even if the quality isn’t the best). The device also has NFC, bluetooth, WiFi , a microphone and a camera for Skype calls and other uses.

Like we saw with other Xperia smart products, there are various usecases this could be good for, ranging from a smart wall assistant for your bedroom to an interactive kitchen screen to help you navigate recipes and cooking videos without getting a physical device all messy. It also looks to be fun to use with board games and casual reading, and you can stream PlayStation 4 games to the device as well.

Sony isn’t sharing many details regarding price or availability, but it’s likely that this product will hit stores within the year as other “Xperia smart products” have. We don’t expect it to be cheap, but we appreciate Sony’s willingness to innovate in this space. If you haven’t checked out Linus Tech Tips’ video on the matter, we suggest you bookmark it for later as it’s truly worth a watch!

What do you think of this projector? If it ends up being affordable, would you buy one? Discuss below!