Sony Xperia X Compact Added to Sony Open Device Program

Sony Xperia X Compact Added to Sony Open Device Program

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Sony’s latest little kid on the block, the Sony Xperia X Compact, was launched just a while ago. But even for a device so young, Sony has made its developer-friendly intentions very clear from the get-go. The Xperia X Compact is the latest addition to the Sony Open Device Program.

What does this mean for the device?

Since the device is supported under the Open Device Program, you can build AOSP for the device, using resources (mainly software binaries) provided from Sony to aid in the process. You can easily build Android 6.0 Marshmallow as well as Android 7.0 Nougat for the X Compact. Along with the software binaries, Sony also provides build guides for building AOSP.

This is different from the Android 7.0 Beta program, which focuses on giving a taste of Nougat with Sony’s skin onto supported devices with prebuilt images. But for the Open Device Program, Sony gives you the chance, permission and blessings to get your hands dirty and learn a thing or two along the way. And if you have anything to contribute back, Sony welcomes you to do it on their GitHub.

Sony continues to lead the way with its efforts. Others promise, but Sony knows that actions speak louder than mere words. We appreciate Sony’s efforts towards open source.

What are your thoughts on the newest addition to the Open Device Program? Can this move convince customers to purchase the device? Let us know in the comments below!