Upcoming Xperia Phone Leaks Once More, This Time in Renders

Upcoming Xperia Phone Leaks Once More, This Time in Renders

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The odd Xperia phone that was leaked a while back under the name F8831 puzzled us with its big redesign, and the alleged flagship then went on for sale… through a guy’s listing on a Croatian classified ads website.

The seller listing the phone back then spilled some specs including a 5.1 inch display, 23MP rear camera, 12MP front camera and 3GB of RAM. The device we saw in those earlier leaks is also made of metal. Previous leaks through a Geekbench listing suggested slightly different specifications for the screen and front camera, but at least the listing confirmed the redesign which is seemingly the biggest deviation from the Xperia Z & Xperia X lines.

Now, new leaks show off the device in computer generated glory, courtesy of @OnLeaks. The dimensions are also listed alongside the images, suggesting it sits around 146.4 mm height, 71,9 mm width and it’s 8,1 mm thick.

Assuming that both the dimensions and the 5.2 inch screen size suggested by the Geekbench listing are correct, this would put it at a screen to body ratio of 70.8% — a low number clearly reflected in the pictures due to the thick bezels, particularly at the top and bottom. This kind of screen-to-body distribution is nothing new to Sony flagships, sadly.

We’ll probably learn more about this device in the months ahead, and it’s rumored to make an official appearance sometime in September (IFA, perhaps?). Stay tuned!

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