Xperia XZs Added to Sony’s Open Device Program

Xperia XZs Added to Sony’s Open Device Program

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Sony is doing an excellent job in supporting the developer community. It’s been a few years since the Japanese OEM first began releasing device trees, vendor blobs, and kernel sources for its most popular devices. And just yesterday, the company announced that the Sony Xperia XZs has joined the Sony’s Open Device Program!

As you might know, the program is maintained by our very own Senior Recognized Developer jerpelea. A hefty number of various Sony devices (with Qualcomm SoC) have been maintained since 2014. Support for some of them have of course ended, nevertheless, official Sony fixes greatly help the developer community. Developers with an Xperia XZs device can now start working on custom ROMs and kernels.

Moreover, there is a guide which helps beginners build an AOSP ROM for this device, if they’re just starting out. The camera is still in the works, though, as it’s a bit blurry at the moment. However, this will be addressed in the upcoming updates for the program. As support has been added so early, developers are welcome to commit their own fixes. All binaries required to build Android Nougat are already uploaded on Sony’s servers.

Together with support for Xperia XZs, binaries have been updated for the Xperia X performance and Xperia XZ to increase stability and to add the secondary camera. In addition, the kernel has also been updated to 3.18, bringing the initial support for the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact. We can’t consider them as stable though, at least for the moment.

Available device trees and kernel source allow building AOSP for the following devices:

If you want to study the code yourself, head over to this GitHub repository. A repository for the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact is available here. Building instructions can be found here.

Source: Sony Open Source Blog