Xperia Z2 Calendar Ported to All Android 4.0+ Devices

Xperia Z2 Calendar Ported to All Android 4.0+ Devices

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Sony’s new flagship Xperia Z2 was released late last month at MWC in Barcelona. Improving on its predecessor in every aspect that counts, the Z2 is quite the tempting proposition for those looking for a new high-end device in early 2014.

Earlier this month, XDA Recognized Developer DooMLoRD provided a firmware dump for Sony’s latest flagship. While this was obviously not intended for end users, it was released with the intention of helping other developers port various parts of the Z2’s firmware to other devices. Now, XDA Senior Member Aman_Arora and Recognized Contributor Jishnu Sur™ have gone ahead and done exactly that.

Their first ported app is the Z2’s calendar app, which can now be used on any device running Android 4.0 or greater. (Android 4.1+ has been tested, but it is assumed that this will also work on 4.0.) Currently, most of the app’s features work, but there are a few minor problems here and there. For example, you are unable to add contacts to event attendee lists because they hook into Xperia-specific contacts files.

While the port isn’t 100% complete yet, those looking for an aesthetically appealing calendar with lots of event and display customization may find the Z2 calendar app worth a shot. Head over to the ported application thread to get started.