Xposed For 5.1 Will Take Time

Xposed For 5.1 Will Take Time

With news of Android 5.1 hitting many devices this week, it’s no wonder that the Xposed Framework – answer to the single biggest complaint of Lollipop users – is again a topic of discussion. Namely, the question being asked is “when will Xposed work on Android 5.1?” Today, the creator of Xposed pulled back the curtain on his development process, revealing humbling insights into the current obstacles in his path. The short answer is that making the version for 5.0 stable is the top priority, and we will have to wait for the rest.

Sure, I have heard that Android 5.1 is out. However, it currently makes more sense for me to stablize Xposed for Android 5.0, as I have two productive devices plus the Genymotion emulator running on it. Hopefully, it can then be ported to Android 5.1, but that’s hard to tell without having had a look at it.  – rovo89

As for creating a timetable for the 5.1 port, Rovo shared that there are two reasons why this is still nebulous.

  1. Unknown effort“Working on Xposed is mainly analysis of AOSP code, traces, closed-source files, followed by some development and testing (often trial and error). I never now which other obstacles are still undiscovered.”
  2. Limited Time“I can’t say when I will have the time to actually work on it. For example, this week I probably won’t spend a single hour on development. Sorry, but I’m not going to sacrifice my private life for Xposed and I can’t spend several hours per evening for this project (anymore).”

To simplify the process of porting development to the newest version (once that’s on the agenda), Rovo plans to create compiler scripts for analyzing issues with how Xposed functions. Other developers are encouraged to use these compilers and packagers as well to speed up the process, so stay on the lookout for updates.

In the mean time, the second Alpha build of Xposed for Android 5.0.x went live this past Sunday, and it is glorious. Yes, Android 5.1 has some stellar features, but fixing minor flaws and adding new features is what the Xposed Framework does best, so let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.

You can read the full post by Rovo89 here in the Lollipop Xposed development thread.


Will you be upgrading to Android 5.1 before there is Xposed support? What features are holding you back? Let us know in the comments, and keep an eye open for the chance to help contribute to this project!

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