Xposed for Marshmallow is Here!

Xposed for Marshmallow is Here!

Xposed is one of the most beloved tools an Android enthusiast can have, as it allows for all sorts of modifications to extend the functionality of our favorite devices. Each new Android release, however, brings with it a small wait for the next version.

Marshmallow’s wait is over!

Xposed version 76 is here with support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Xposed creator and XDA Rockstar rovo89 has been hard at work in order to bring the amazing capabilities of Xposed to Marshmallow, and despite Android 6.0 being a big upgrade, rovo89 braved the complications and now has an updated framework that supports most of what you’ll need.


There are some limitations, however:

  • Many modules will likely need updates. Give module developers time to update their modules!
  • As of writing this, the client has only been tested with SuperSU installed, due to which dm-verity and some SELinux rules are disabled. Some of these would otherwise conflict with the modifications to the system partition.
  • Access to preferences files might be blocked by SELinux and Xposed can’t currently work around that. However, rovo89 recommends keeping SELinux enabled and enforcing to prioritize security.
  • Not all Xposed APIs were fully tested, and while the system is booting without any error messages from the framework, some functions might still need adjustments for Marshmallow.
  • rovo89 notes that some issues might arise from JIT and the “optimizing” compiler. Since these are new in Marshmallow, there might be unexpected consequences in combination with Xposed. This could lead to hooks not working properly or crashes.

Excluding those limitations, Xposed should work on your Marshmallow ROM, meaning you will be able to unlock more potential on your phone once more! Do remember that many of your favorite modules might need updating, so be sure to check the relevant threads, use the search button, and give developers enough time to make the needed changes and adjustments.

Head over to the thread to find the download link for the new Marshmallow installer, and also make sure to read the opening posts carefully to make sure you are aware of all the changes made. You can also discuss the latest changes in the discussion thread. For those on Lollipop, know that rovo89 is planning on publishing a new version for 5.0 and 5.1 within the next days, backporting some of the changes done for Marshmallow, and he will also push the changes to GitHub soon.

Xposed is one of XDA’s favorite modifications, and if you’ve been waiting to expand your Marshmallow ROM’s functionality and reclaim the features you lost when upgrading, make sure to head to the forums to experiment and discuss — just remember to be careful and use the search button for good measure!

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