Xposed Framework for the LG G4 – XDA Xposed Tuesday

Xposed Framework for the LG G4 – XDA Xposed Tuesday

I have had the LG G4 for some time, and I have done for you guys how to a root and TWRP installation video. The one thing that we have been missing is the Xposed Installer, actually the Xposed Framework.

So today I am going to walk you through the process of installing that on our LG G4. This is TK and this is XDA Xposed Tuesday.

First we need to do is download a few files from this page. The first item is the ARM64 installer. Next we need to download the APK for the Xposed Installer. Then, download and join the Flashfire G+ group and become a tester there. You need to join the G+ community to be able to download Flashfire. Once you’ve done that you can go to the play store and download the app and install it on your device.

After we have downloaded all the files we want to run Flashfire on our device, grant it root and make sure that it loads all the way. There is a small menu on the left side of the screen which we are not going to interact with. Click the ‘+’ sign and select the ‘Flash Zip File.’ Which will give us the option to go into our download folder and select the actual Xposed Framework zip file that we downloaded before.

Once you select it make sure you leave the auto-mount option off. Select the check box. It will give us the option to flash. Make sure your battery is almost 100%, if possible. The process will take ten to fifteen minutes. The screen is going to be off, you won’t be able to use your system.

Once that is complete, we need to move on to installing the actual APK for the installer. This is version three. Install it and make sure you turn it on after your system reboots.

We are going to go ahead an open it up, since we already went through the process. You will notice how it looks when you turn on your system. You want to go to the framework option and see that the framework is installed. You can download modules directly under the Download tab. Just make sure you download modules that are no specific to ROMs like TouchWiz module or HTC specific modules. Otherwise they should work. As you can see here I have modules installed and I can actually use them.

The process is not for the faint of heart, and I say this because one of the things that the process does is it makes your device go dark for an extended amount of time. Almost 10 minutes of just no activity, no way of being able to wake it up. You will basically be very tempted to pull the battery out to restart the device.

So as you saw with the hands on, it’s not that complicated of a process. We have a couple of files that we need to download and put them on the device and flash it. Make sure you have a full battery on the device and you are starting this process. And you’re done.

Overall you will have a hit and miss with some of the modules. I think that now that the LG G4 model is working with Xposed, we will see more modules compatible with it. So keep an eye out for those. I have had few modules that turned on by default, Greenify turned on and it works.

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