Xposed Framework Makes Its Way To Samsung’s Marshmallow

Xposed Framework Makes Its Way To Samsung’s Marshmallow

A few days ago, Samsung officially released a Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S6… well, kind of. It’s still in beta, but developers are already working hard to bring their greatest projects up-to-date.

Yesterday we learned that XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire has updated his great CF-Root. Samsung users may feel happy as yet another project is now available for their smartphones. It’s hard to imagine the XDA world without the Xposed Framework. Thanks to the efforts of a few developers, including XDA Senior Recognized Developer rovo89 and Recognized Developers arter97 and wanam, the Xposed Framework is now available for Android 6.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Here’s what wanam had to say:

Samsung did it in clean way this time, just a small changes to Art plus the Knox security ones of course.
I didn’t include xz support, it’s not required on the current M build, maybe planned for low space devices, i hope they will switch to gz since it’s supported on aosp.

Samsung’s strategy includes incorporating as many security patches as possible. This is a good thing, but it brings many issues to users who would like to modify the operating system. Things like ART and Knox make developing for Samsung’s platform much more complicated, hence the delay in development. Luckily, development hasn’t stopped and keeps thriving.

Installation of this Xposed isn’t as easy as you may think. You need to flash a few things before you’ll finally get Xposed to work. Wanam provided detailed instructions and the necessary downloads in his post here, so you don’t have to look for it by yourself.

If you are running the beta of Android 6.0 on a Samsung device, head over to this thread to get yourself a working Xposed installer. If you haven’t tried Marshmallow yet, find out how to install it on your device.

Are you happy to see Xposed on your Samsung Galaxy S6 again? Let us know in the comments below!

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