How To Recreate This Awesome Lock Screen

How To Recreate This Awesome Lock Screen


Today, Marcos is going to show us how to customize our lock screen using an Xposed module called Lock Screen Widget. A video tutorial will take you step by step to show you  how to get the look in the screenshot below. Your phone will need to be rooted with the Xposed framework running.


First you’ll want to open the app and check Hide clock, Hide date, Hide owner, Never show next alarm, Hide status bar, Update widgets and Hide bottom bar. Reboot your device once these items have been checked. This will blank out your lock screen so you can add your own widget.


Now add the KWGT 4×2 widget and go into the widget configuration. Set the height of the widget to 250 and the top margin to 250. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and check Make the widget clickable.



Now add the widget X for KWGT and save it.


You should end up with a result like this.


Download the Xposed module for yourself and give it a shot.

Download Lock Screen Widgets

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