Xposed Mod Allows You to Wirelessly Charge Your Device in Peace

Xposed Mod Allows You to Wirelessly Charge Your Device in Peace

I’m sure that plenty of us smartphone and tablet users suffer from a condition that prevents any sleep until we’re absolutely sure that all our devices are plugged in and charging throughout the night. It’s not a particularly bad condition, as it makes sense to wake up to a fully charged device that’s ready to do its job the next morning. In fact, one may even call it a habit.

The thing is, if you charge your device wirelessly, plonking the device onto the charging pad yields a rather annoying notification sound. Introduced with the Android 4.2.2 update, the sound cannot be turned off, and can be more than simply annoying, to yourself or others, when it goes off during the night.

Having had enough of this problem, XDA Senior Member eldarerathis decided to develop an Xposed module that rids of this issue. The aptly named Wireless Charging Xposed simply offers the options to:

  • play the default notification when you place the device on the charger
  • have the device vibrate when placed on the charger
  • play a custom notification rather than the default system sound

You also have the flexibility to enable two of these options if you choose to, as well as turn any sort of notification off. The module has been tested on eldarerathis’s Nexus 5 running CyanogenMod 11, and should also work with any other AOSP-based ROM. As for other ROMs, one must test the module to confirm compatibility.

To find out more, visit the original forum thread for more information and download.

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