Xposed Module enables call recording on Sony Xperia phones running Android 10

Xposed Module enables call recording on Sony Xperia phones running Android 10

The Google Phone app recently gained the long-anticipated call recording feature, albeit the company might have made it specific to select countries and/or regions due to concerning laws. While it is possible to install the Google-made dialer app on non-Pixel (or non-Android One) phones and pray for the call recording feature to be activated, it would be much more convenient to have this option as part of the stock dialer. XDA Recognized Developer serajr would have thought the same for the Sony Xperia community, as he comes up with an Xposed module that can enable call recording on any Sony phone running Android 10.


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Several older Xperia phones have received the taste of Android 10 via OTA to date, and all of them are compatible with this mod. The installation part is, however, a bit tricky as users need to flash the recent version of Magisk first, followed by the EdXposed framework. Once you have EdXposed up and running, you can download the APK of the module from the discussion thread created by serajr, install and activate it via EdXposed Manager. A reboot is necessary for the changes to take effect, and you should get a dedicated “Record call” option on the dialer UI.

The module seamlessly integrates itself with the “Settings > Calls” section of the stock dialer app. Users can choose between AMR and MP3 as the recording format, and they can even turn on auto call recording for incoming and/or outgoing calls. Lastly, there is a master switch to toggle the whole call recording facility, which can be particularly useful to diagnose unforeseen errors in the module.


The UI of the module is not multi-language aware (only English supported), which is a known limitation. At the time of writing this article, the module is available only in compiled form, but the developer has promised to share the source code ‘soon’.

Sony Xperia Call Recording Xposed Module — XDA Download and Discussion Thread

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