Popular Xposed Module ‘MinMinGuard’ receives its first update in two years

Popular Xposed Module ‘MinMinGuard’ receives its first update in two years

There are many ad-blocking apps and Xposed Modules for Android devices. Some of them block ads by running a VPN service, others via host files. MinMinGuard is one of the most popular ones. It removes ads by blocking certain APIs, names, and URLs of ad providers. The most popular feature of an app is that it also removes blank space left by those removed ads. None of the other ad-blocking apps can do that. You can also toggle ad blocking per-app so you can leave ads as they are in certain applications.


Module’s maintainer, Senior Member at XDA Forums, FatMinMin hasn’t updated the app since November of 2016. Just now, he released version 2.0.1. It includes several bug fixes. Here is the official changelog:

  • Fix crashing when saving the settings
  • Fix unstable UI when switching between the tabs
  • Fix Xposed no enabled message not shown problem
  • Only hook into apps when enabled

Some members on the forum reported that new version is unstable, so keep that in mind. But, you can also participate in improving an app by providing feedback in the thread below.

MinMinGuard thread at XDA Forums

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