Easily Mass-Send Snapchat Messages to All Your Friends

Easily Mass-Send Snapchat Messages to All Your Friends

Although it’s demonstrably insecure by its very nature, Snapchat can be a really fun way of communicating with your friends. While those immensely ugly faces that you make in front of the camera can technically last beyond those 10 seconds if you use an aftermarket client or any number of other methods to preserve the data, most casual users don’t do this so it’s kind of like the self destructing tapes used as plot elements in various movies. But when there are a lot of friends who need to see your ugly selfie, it can be pretty annoying and tedious to have to individually select every friend on your list to send your Snapchat to.


XDA Forum Member dapaintballer331 developed an Xposed module that provides a simple solution to this problem: include ‘select all’ and ‘deselect all’ checkboxes in the UI. The labels say it all; you can simply check ‘select all’ if you want to send your Snapchat to every single person on your friends list, or ‘deselect all’ if you subsequently realize that that may be a bad idea. But why have this when you can include it into your Snapchat story? Well, one possible reason is that not everyone will be inclined to view your Snapchat story, and another could be that Snapchats in your story actually last 24 hours rather than a few seconds.

If this sounds like something you want to try out, check out the Snapchat Select All Xposed Thread for more information. Just remember that as we’ve written several times in the past, Snapchat and other mechanisms that place trust in the client device are in no way secure, and your messages can easily be stored by your viewers.

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