Official Xposed for Android Nougat Updated with Better Samsung Support and Less Bootloops

Official Xposed for Android Nougat Updated with Better Samsung Support and Less Bootloops

Xposed v88 from XDA Senior Recognized Developer rovo89 just released the other day after a year-long wait. The new Xposed Manager already has 98k+ downloads, showing that there’s still a massive audience willing to support Xposed. As many have found out, sometimes the first release can contain some bugs. That’s why, after a lot of feedback, rovo89 has just released version v88.1 of the framework to fix some of the issues users were having.

With the new update, rovo89 claims improvements for users of Samsung devices while also potentially fixing bootloops and slowdowns on other devices. He also believes he may have fixed MIUI incompatibility, though he has not yet tested that. He states that there are other bugs which he has acknowledged and is working on fixing, so expect to see a new version be released in the near future.


Most of the issues that users may be facing are related to the modules they are installing, as many modules have not yet been updated to fully support Xposed for Android Nougat. The developer behind the popular battery-saving module known as Amplify, for instance, is soliciting users to help test a version that works with the Nougat update.

If you do face an issue with Xposed that you believe is not due to a particular module but rather the Framework itself, then rovo89 suggests you learn the proper way to submit a bug report. Rather than posting a comment in a pages-long discussion thread, Rovo89 requests that you use the GitHub page to report bugs and stresses the need for supplying full device logs when reporting an issue. Most XDA forum threads are too hectic for proper bug reporting, but rovo89 nonetheless thanks users for supporting his project.

Hopefully as the days continue, more module developers can update their modules to better support official Xposed for Android 7.0/7.1 devices.

Download Xposed v88.1 for Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat

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