Moto X Pure Wallpapers


I consider myself somewhat of a designer kind of girl. I love to look different and stand out from a crowd. This applies to every aspect of my life, weather it’s my home, my car, my clothes or my phone. This is why I picked myself up one of the Moto X Pure phones. Being able to customize the colors and materials that makeup the shell of the phone is a really great feature. Design doesn’t end with the hardware though. It’s important to have an awesome wallpaper that lights up the room and makes my nipples hard. I tested some wallpapers to see which ones made my nipples the hardest and I’ll show you what I’ve found.

Stock Wallpapers

Being a near stock Android experience, I had expected this phone to come with the usual boring wallpapers that we see on every phone. But surprise-surprise, Motorola has thrown in some really nice looking images to use as your wallpaper. I’ll show you where you can download them if you don’t happen to own a Moto X Pure.


82% Nipple Hardness


33% Nipple Hardness


68% Nipple Hardness

Download The Stock Wallpapers Here

Custom Wallpapers

There are more custom wallpapers on the internet than there are stars in our solar system. So to make finding some good wallpapers easier for you, check out this XDA thread where users are sharing their favorite wallpapers and posting screenshots.

XDA Wallpaper and Themes Thread


There is also this great app called nowPaper that has plenty of 1080p and 4K wallpaper options.


Check out this app on the Play store.

Play store Link

The Moto X Pure has  screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. When searching for wallpapers, they’ll look best if they are this size or larger. Unless you want your nipples to be soft and soggy.


Plenty of picture of frogs on google if you’re into frogs.

Check out the themes forum on XDA to see what other ways you can customize your Moto X Pure.

Moto X Pure Themes Forums