YMusic for Android

YMusic for Android

Have you ever been on YouTube and accidentally pressed the home button, forgetting the fact that the app doesn’t let the video play in the background? It just ruins the flow of the app and just makes the experience kinda sucky.

YMusic* saves the day in two ways: as a music player and as a YouTube player.

Music Player. Using Jockey Player as a music player substitute (the “Library” section in the Menu), it gives way for a solid player.

  1. a variety of customizations, including AMOLED, 10 different color choices, and a built-in equalizer (which works!)
  2. the simplicity of the “Now Playing” screen, which has the options of setting a sleep timer, changing the speed, and turning it full screen, you can’t go wrong with this one.

YouTube Player. The main focus of the app. The “Discover” part of the Menu, it plays “videos” in the background, The reason why video is in quotations is because it doesn’t actually play the video. It just displays the thumbnail image (same as the music player). However, it gives you the option to

  1. download the video in 2 formats: audio (M4A/MP3) and video (MP4/3GP). I downloaded a video myself, played it in my gallery, and the video came out as a video.

  1. change the region, which is really fun to play with, and restriction mode. You get to see what other regions are uploading, in their language as well. Fortunately, the player also has Closed Captioning built in, which seems to vary as an option with each video.

If YMusic sounds like the right app for you, download the apk at XDA or on their website, YMusic.

But first, you have to go your phone’s system settings, and enable the option to install from unknown sources (varies with each phone).

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