You Can Buy the Moto E4 from Amazon, Ting, and Republic Wireless for as Little as $99

You Can Buy the Moto E4 from Amazon, Ting, and Republic Wireless for as Little as $99

There’s no doubt that high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, and HTC U11 are great to use, but for a lot of people, shelling out over $600+ is out of the question when it comes to these premium gadgets. The mid-range smartphone market has blossomed as flagships have steadily risen in price over the years, but even at $200-$500 a pop, devices like the OnePlus 5, ZTE Axon 7, and the Moto G5 Plus are still too rich for some people’s blood.

Motorola and Lenovo announced the Moto E4 and E4 Plus this past month, with the phones costing $129 and $179 respectively. The E4 made its debut on Verizon back on June 22nd for $70 with a service plan through the carrier, and the phone is now branching out to a few other carriers/retailers.

If you want to buy the Moto E4 outright and not through any carrier, Amazon is now selling the phone as well. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber as this is a Prime Exclusive version of the handset (meaning that the lock screen features advertisements from Amazon), but if you are, you’ll only pay $99 for the phone. While that’s still technically more than what Verizon is charging, you aren’t forced to buy a service plan and can use the Moto E4 on all 4 major U.S. carriers.

If you aren’t a Prime subscriber, you can also now buy the E4 through Ting and Republic Wireless. Ting is selling the E4 at its normal price of $129, but Republic Wireless will let you buy the phone unlocked at the same price as Amazon’s Prime Exclusive model but without any of the advertisements on the screen. Although, you will need to purchase a no-contract plan if you choose to go the Republic Wireless route, but you could always just get one month’s worth of the cheapest plan ($15/month), cancel it, and then use the phone on whatever carrier you choose.

As a quick refresher, the Moto E4 has a 5-inch 720p IPS display, Snapdragon 425 SoC with 2GBs RAM and 16GBs of internal storage expandable via a microSD card. Add this together with a 2,800 mAh removable battery, water-repellent nano-coating, a front-facing fingerprint scanner, and Android 7.1 Nougat – the E4 packs a lot of punch no matter if you pay $99 or $129 for it.

Buy the Moto E4 on Amazon Buy the Moto E4 on Ting Buy the Moto E4 on Republic Wireless

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