You can get this AI-powered photo editor for only $29

You can get this AI-powered photo editor for only $29

The art of photography doesn’t stop once you hit the shutter button. Much of the creative process happens later, when you edit your images. While some apps can overwhelm you with options, Luminar 3 uses artificial intelligence to power smart sliders, making the editing process easier and quicker. You can pick up the award-winning photography software now on Windows and Mac for just $29 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Many photo editors offer an “Auto” option. This is great for beginners and more advanced photographers looking for a quick fix. However, you lose all creative control. With Luminar 3, you retain control without having to push every slider yourself.

The software has a feature called Accent AI 2.0. This combines multiple adjustments into a single slider, meaning you only have to worry about the strength of the effect. For instance, you can enhance skies and add punch to RAW files this way. 

In addition, Luminar 3 provides 70 one-click styles designed by pro photographers — ideal for making your images stand out. If you prefer taking manual control, you have a full complement of individual adjustments, brushes and tools to work with.

Order now for $29 to get Luminar 3 on lifetime license for Windows and Mac, worth $69.


Luminar 3: Lifetime Access to Award-Winning Photography Software – $29

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