You can no longer book an Uber ride from your Apple Watch

You can no longer book an Uber ride from your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great device that the company keeps on improving with every new release. What once used to be a very limited wrist accessory is slowly becoming more capable and independent. The cellular models of this wearable make it even more powerful. They allow you to call, text, stream online music, and download apps — even if your phone is dead. One of the perks of having a cellular model was the ability to book an Uber ride directly from your wrist. The feature worked even if your iPhone wasn’t around. Wasted by the end of the night and spent all of your iPhone battery juice on selfies? Your cellular Apple Watch could get you back home. However, that’s no longer the case, for Uber has killed its Apple Watch app.


As Apple Insider reports, Uber has dropped support for its Apple Watch app. Uber on watchOS used to allow users to request rides and get relevant information directly from their wrists. When you launch the app on your watch now, it displays a poorly written message that states the following:

Please switch to the Uber mobile app

We no longer supporting the Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience 😥

Usually, when companies kill a watchOS app, they just completely remove it from the watch. It’s unclear why Uber has left it for the time being. It could be a way to inform users who depend on it that it’ll no longer be available in future updates — rather than just making it vanish directly after dropping support. It’s also unclear why the company has decided to actually remove a feature that could be of utmost importance to users in certain situations. Even Apple at some point praised it in one of its App Store Stories. From now on, you will have to depend on the iPhone app to request rides.

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