You Can Now Watch 4K HDR Content with Google Play Movies & TV

You Can Now Watch 4K HDR Content with Google Play Movies & TV

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Streaming movies and TV shows to your television in 1080p Full HD might still be the norm for a lot of people, but when you’re ready to make the jump to 4K HDR, Google now has you covered.

You’ve previously been able to steam 4K Ultra HD content on Google Play Movies & TV, and today, that 4K UHD content now supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). Movies and TV shows that support HDR playback will feature noticeably brighter and a wider range of colors, and it makes the current 4K content look even better that it already did.

When buying or renting a title from Google Play Movies & TV, most 4K UHD options should already support HDR viewing as well. Of course, in order to actually take advantage of the new HDR features, you’ll need a 4K HDR TV that’s capable of handling such content.

4K HDR movies and TV shows are available to watch from Google Play Movies & TV starting today, and as long as you’ve got the proper hardware and a strong enough Internet connection (at least 15Mbps download), any 4K HDR titles you rent should start playing at that max resolution automatically.

Source: Google