“Your Phone” app updated with SMS sync for Windows 10 Insiders

“Your Phone” app updated with SMS sync for Windows 10 Insiders

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Being able to use our smartphone features directly from a desktop or laptop PC has been a dream for many people. Not being forced to pull a phone out of our pocket, or pick it up and unlock it, just to do something such as reply to a message has spawned an entire application economy around it. Microsoft used to have Windows Phone to market this type of integration and Google is now using it with Chrome OS. However, now that Microsoft has begun playing nice with Android, things have made a bit of a turn and the latest Insiders version of Your Phone from the Microsoft Store has finally added this feature.

Microsoft has been working on this Your Phone application for a while now. This was an application they wanted people to be able to use for instant access to text messages, photos, and notifications. Naturally, this would be released first to their Windows 10 Insiders program members, but it would eventually trickle down to updated devices. The first release, even for Insiders build members, only had a limited number of features though. This included things like being able to drag and drop photos from a smartphone to the PC.

After this version of the application had been thoroughly tested, they released it to all Windows 10 users who were using the April 2018 build or later. So now that this limited version of the Your Phone application has made its way to the general public, Microsoft is ready to test some new features for the Your Phone application. Thanks to a tip from one of our fellow XDA forum members, we have just learned that a new version is currently rolling out to Insiders build members that finally brings SMS sync functionality.

Tydi tells us that as of right now, MMS doesn’t seem to work properly (it shows the photo’s name and extension) and that contact pictures don’t seem to sync up properly. It’s these types of bugs that are to be expected when running a feature that is only available to Windows 10 Insider build members. However, we were also told that sending and receiving messages is quite fast and it doesn’t even need to refresh the application to see the new messages. XDA Senior Member Tydi is currently using Windows version 17744.release.180818-1845 while also running the latest version of Android Pie on their Essential Phone with the Microsoft App on Android currently on version 3.2.1(which also received a small graphical overall as well).

Thanks for the tip XDA Senior Member Tydi!