“YourTube” Lets You Tweak the YouTube App to Open Any Screen at Launch

“YourTube” Lets You Tweak the YouTube App to Open Any Screen at Launch

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When you open the YouTube application on your Android device, it defaults to the “What to Watch” screen. This is great for most users, as it shows some videos from your subscriptions, as well as videos that Google thinks you may be interested in viewing. However, not everyone likes being defaulted to this screen at launch.

Many others would instead prefer to be dropped into their Subscriptions pane, the Watch Later list, or perhaps even a particular playlist/subscription. Now thanks to an Xposed module by XDA Forum Moderator GermainZ, you have the freedom to have your app default to any pane of your choosing.

Aptly titled as “YourTube,” this Xposed module allows you to select your default YouTube pane as What to Watch, My Subscriptions, Watch Later, Browse Channels, or even a custom playlist or subscription ID. Setting the default pane to the first four options is simply a point and click affair, but as you would expect, setting the default pane to a particular playlist or subscription requires you to first locate the ID for the list in question. Luckily, Germainz also explains how to do that in the thread.

If you don’t really care for the What to Watch pane in the stock YouTube app and would like to have it default to a different screen at launch, you should give YourTube a try. You can do so by visiting the module thread.