YouTube adds bedtime reminders to help you stop watching videos at night

YouTube adds bedtime reminders to help you stop watching videos at night

An APK teardown of the YouTube app on Android (v15.13.33) early last month revealed that the platform was working on a new feature called Bedtime Reminders. Now, according to a recent report from The Verge, YouTube has officially announced the new feature to help users log off the platform at night.

The bedtime reminders feature, much like the break reminders feature, gives you the option to set up a bedtime beforehand. Once that’s set up, the app then reminds you to go to sleep if you’re still watching videos at bedtime. In case you’re in the middle of an interesting video and don’t wish to be disturbed by a reminder, the app gives you an option to defer the reminder until you’ve finished watching the current video. You’ll also be able to snooze the reminder for 10 minutes or dismiss it altogether.


To set a bedtime reminder, you’ll have to navigate to the app’s settings page, tap on General, turn on the ‘Remind me when it’s bedtime’ option, and then select a start/end time for the reminders. Alternatively, you can tap on your profile picture in the YouTube app and then open up the ‘Time Watched’ section to set up a reminder.

Much like the break reminders feature, the ultimate goal of bedtime reminders is to help you use YouTube more responsibly and get a good night’s rest instead of getting sucked into the YouTube vortex. In a blog post on the matter, YouTube claims that its Digital Wellbeing tools have been quite popular so far and the company has sent over 3 billion “take a break” reminders since the feature was launched back in 2018. YouTube is rolling out bedtime reminders to both the Android and iOS apps starting today and the feature should reach all users over the next few days.

Source: YouTube Help

Via: The Verge

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