YouTube gets Digital Wellbeing tools, shows time spent watching videos

YouTube gets Digital Wellbeing tools, shows time spent watching videos

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Google announced Digital Wellbeing tools at Google I/O 2018. Today, they decided to add some of these tools to the YouTube application. I discovered the “Time watched” category when I was doing my daily routine of checking if the dark mode is available for me (it’s unfortunately not). The category can be found under your account, which is located at the top right corner.

After taping on Time watched, YouTube didn’t hesitate to show me how productive my weekend was. You can see how much time you spent on watching videos today, yesterday, or last week. It can also calculate the daily average. Fortunately, you can also let YouTube remind you to take a break in your desired frequency.

Scheduled digest has also moved to the same page. It still can be found under the Notifications category in Settings, but it’s still nice to see all Digital Wellbeing tools together. If you don’t already know, Scheduled Digest shows you only one notification a day from your subscriptions. Digital Wellbeing tools also include disabling sounds and vibrations. It was activated for me by default.

As you may have already noticed, I was in a desperate need of these tools. I don’t know if I can resist tapping “dismiss” every time I get a “take a break” pop-up, but it will definitely prevent me from binge-watching 10 hours worth of videos. The feature is activated server-side, so you don’t have to download an APK or wait for some magical update, unlike the dark mode.

Via: Official YouTube Blog