YouTube for Android tests putting the comments below the video description

YouTube for Android tests putting the comments below the video description

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Over the last couple of months, Google has released a couple of design changes for the YouTube app on Android. These include a test to show channel previews in the comments section, a new “Explore” tab to help users find new videos, and new filters in the subscription feed. Now, the company is testing another UI update which will make it easier for users to check the comments under any video.

In the current version of the YouTube app on Android, the comments section can be found after the recommended section beneath each video. If you’re someone who frequents the comments section on the platform, then you’d know that scrolling through all the recommended videos could be a bit annoying. To address this issue, YouTube is now testing a new UI that will move the comments section right underneath the video.

The new UI is available for a handful of users in version 15.14.33 of the YouTube app on Android. Our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, has received the minor design update on his device and, as you can see in the attached screenshots, you no longer have to scroll through recommended videos in order to get to the comments section. Instead, the comments now appear within a small window right underneath the video. Tapping on the window expands the comments section and allows you to view all the comments on any given video.

A number of users on Twitter have also reported receiving the new UI on their devices, however, it wasn’t available on any of my devices at the time of writing this piece. This suggests that YouTube is currently testing the new UI with a handful of users and should roll it out to more users after ironing out any issues that might plague the update. Irrespective of its current availability, this change to the placement of the comments section is expected to encourage more users to leave comments and increase user engagement on the YouTube app.