YouTube is Back on the Amazon Echo Show After its Recent ToS Violation

YouTube is Back on the Amazon Echo Show After its Recent ToS Violation

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Two months ago, it was discovered that YouTube was no longer available on the Amazon Echo Show. This made a lot of customers upset as they had not been given any heads up about it being removed from the device. The way Amazon had implemented it into the Echo Show resulted in the company violating YouTube’s terms of service. It is now being reported that users can start watching YouTube videos on their Amazon Echo Show device again.

Amazon and Google have quite the volatile relationship these days. Amazon still refuses to use Google’s version of Android with all of their applications and services pre-installed on the device. Amazon also refuses to sell a number of Google’s products that compete directly with their own. This includes things like the Chromecast and the Google Home since they compete with Amazon’s Fire Stick and Echo product line. This divide became even more apparent when Google all of a sudden stopped allowing YouTube to work on the Amazon Echo Show.

From Google’s end, they said the implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violated their terms of service since it created a broken user experience for the customer. Naturally, Amazon was upset about this as they felt there wasn’t anything technically wrong with how it was done. They were also not happy with the way Google abruptly stopped the service from working without any communication with Amazon, so they could at least be made aware of the discrepancy.

This week, it was discovered that YouTube was back on the Amazon Echo Show and that the UX is a lot different than it was before. It now resembles what you’d expect to find when browsing YouTube on the web or on a tablet. The new look seems to be the company’s way of bringing the the YouTube app back to the Echo Show so that it is in compliance with the requirements set forth for its use by Google and YouTube. Along with this new change, the Amazon Echo Show also offers access to Vimeo and Dailymotion videos as well.

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