YouTube’s Corrections feature gives creators a new way to highlight errors in their videos

YouTube’s Corrections feature gives creators a new way to highlight errors in their videos

YouTube today introduced a new feature called “Corrections” to help creators easily highlight mistakes in their videos. The feature lets creators add information cards in the top-right corner of a video with relevant timestamps to list all corrections made to the video after it went live.

YouTube creators currently have to edit and re-upload a video if they wish to make any corrections. Alternatively, they can highlight the corrections in the video description or as a pinned comment. All of these options are less than ideal and have significant drawbacks. YouTube’s new Corrections feature offers a standard solution that makes life easy for creators and also helps viewers find all updates in one convenient location.

Screenshot of YouTube's new Corrections feature from Creator Insider video.

Left: View corrections info card; Right: Corrections examples

As mentioned earlier, the feature appears as a View corrections information card in the top-right corner of the video. It only shows up for the first correction in the video, and viewers can click on it to view more details and any subsequent corrections. All corrections will have a timestamp to help viewers quickly jump to the updated section of the video, along with some clarification text.

The Corrections feature will roll out to all YouTube creators by the end of this month. But the feature won’t be available if a channel has any active strikes or the content is inappropriate for some viewers. If you are a YouTube creator and would like to add corrections to your video, you can head over to YouTube’s support page for the feature and follow the instructions to get started. You can also check out the video embedded above to learn more about the feature.

What do you think of YouTube’s new Corrections feature? Would you want the information card to show up for all corrections? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: Creator Insider

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