YouTube tests Google Assistant integration for relevant topic suggestions

YouTube tests Google Assistant integration for relevant topic suggestions

YouTube has been testing a lot of new features as of late. From picture-in-picture on iOS to video downloading on the web for Premium members, there are a few different experiments you can take part in on YouTube at the moment. One feature the company is now testing is the introduction of Google Assistant integration to YouTube in order to get topic suggestions.

The feature (spotted by 9to5Google) invites the user to “do more with Assistant” when watching videos. Like previous experimental features on YouTube, you need to navigate to the YouTube Labs page to see if you’re eligible to enable it. If you have it, it will look something like below.


youtube do more with assistant

While I was able to enable the feature, I could not get it to work on any videos. I tested it on my Xiaomi 11T Pro and my Google Pixel 5, and neither could get it working. Note that you need to be testing on an Android smartphone, your phone must be in English, and that the feature is only available until October 27th.

Image sources: 9to5Google

Note that you can only have one feature enabled at a time and that enabling this feature will disable the other testing features that you might be using. As well, while the feature did not work for me, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. It might take a few hours for it to kick in, but I ensured that I was on the latest YouTube app version which Google says to be on.

This is a useful feature if you’re ever watching a video and want to quickly learn more about something that’s in the video. While it’s pretty specific to suggest reading about Alicia Keys on Empire State of Mind, I can definitely see it being useful when watching a movie trailer or reading into more advanced topics.

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