YouTube HDR Playback Support is Rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xperia XZ Premium

YouTube HDR Playback Support is Rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xperia XZ Premium

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HDR video is an interesting new type of media that has slowly started to creep its way into the smartphone industry. Some platforms with HDR are littered with bugs right now (such as Windows 10), but a big drawback to the technology is a limited number of content sources. Netflix is slowly adding more smartphones that can view HDR content, but even their library is limited right now. Recently though, Google has flipped the switch for YouTube HDR playback support for both the Galaxy S8 as well as the Xperia XZ Premium.

The number of Android smartphones that currently support HDR are rather limited. This number is reduced even more when you look to find out which ones support online HDR content. For example, HDR content from Netflix is only supported on the LG V30, Galaxy Note 8, Xperia XZ Premium and the Xperia XZ1. And again, it’s not like you can watch every Netflix video in HDR since only some of the content in their library currently supports it.

Fans of HDR content can rejoice though as your choices have just expanded with a new change on YouTube. It seems like the latest update to the application brings this support as someone in the /r/GalaxyS8 subreddit shared a screenshot of their quality options for a video labeled “The World in HDR in 4K (Ultra HD).” Instead of the traditional video quality options, they’re only given a list of HDR options at 60 FPS with resolutions ranging from 140p to 1440p.

This post was then shared to /r/Android and someone who owns the Xperia XZ Premium said they have similar options on an HDR video from YouTube. This new change may not be without issues and also comes with an adjustment phase as well. For example, someone with a Galaxy S8+ says their video stutters when testing out. Then multiple people are reporting that these videos crank up the brightness (which is typical of HDR content) but something that you’ll want to keep in mind in the case of battery usage.

People are also saying they can no longer make the video fill the entire screen, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch back to a non YouTube HDR version of it if your device supports it.

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