YouTube HQ Hack for Nexus One

YouTube HQ Hack for Nexus One

The default YouTube app on the Nexus One, now has the option to watch videos in HQ – even on 3G.  However this requires a few button clicks and a wait whilst the video is rebuffered for the HQ version. So wouldn’t it be great if YouTube would default to HQ when on 3G? XDA forum member reddv1 has provided a hacked YouTube app to do this!

Originally posted by reddv1

Here is how you hack YouTube to default into HQ:

  1. 1. Put the youtube.apk on your sdcard.
  2. 2. Get Root Explorer from the Market.
  3. 3. Using Root Explorer, navigate to the sdcard folder and long press on the youtube.apk and click “Move”
  4. 4. Navigate to the /system/app folder
  5. 5. Click the button up top that says “Remount as R/W”
  6. 6. Click the button on the bottom that says “Paste” then confirm overwrite.
  7. 7. Now you need to set the permissions on that file: Long press on the youtube.apk and click Permissions. Check User Read and Write, Group Read, and Others Read. Uncheck everything else and click Ok.
  8. 8. Click the button up top that says “Remount as R/O”
  9. 9. Reboot, you’re done

This works with most ROMS, but be sure to always back up your original apk file.

To join the discussion, visit the forum thread or jump straight to reddv1’s post to download the hack.

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