YouTube Music rolls out ‘2020 in review’ playlists

YouTube Music rolls out ‘2020 in review’ playlists

YouTube Music is celebrating its first ‘proper’ Christmas with the release of personalised ‘2020 in review’ playlist, currently rolling out to users. The offering is much the same as Spotify offers with its “Wrapped” synopsis of your activity through the year. However, unlike Spotify, YouTube Music is simply collating your Top 25-100 songs into a playlist, without any stats or insights.

This is the first year that YouTube Music has been the default music service for Google users, following the slow, painful depreciation of Google Play Music during 2020. Indeed, it has only been the flagship service for a few days, following the final switch-off of its predecessor in many regions. Of course, YouTube Music has been around a lot longer – five years, in fact, but it has taken this long to get close enough to feature parity with the outgoing service, during which time the vast majority of users chose not to migrate over to something that was, in essence, inferior.


The news has been rumored for a few months now but there had been no announcement from Google. First spotted by Reddit user downtown3641 and picked up by Android Police, ‘2020 in Review’ is just one of the year-end playlists being added to YouTube Music. There is a ‘Top Songs of 2020’ list, and a number of genre-specific Top 20s are also starting to appear. How many we’ll end up with is just one more holiday surprise.

It would be easier to complain at how rudimentary the offering is compared to Spotify Unwrapped, but in the spirit of seasonal goodwill, let’s remind ourselves that despite being around for five years, YouTube is still very much under development, and there’s every chance that by next year, we’ll have a lot more features and a much more impressive year-end offering. In the meantime, anything is better than nothing.

If you’d like to see your list (and why wouldn’t you?) then just click on this link. If you like what you see, click “Add to Library” to have it stored as a playlist in your YouTube Music account. That said, why anyone would want to remember this dumpster fire of a year, beggars belief.

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