YouTube Music 2021 Recap is a big step up from last year’s ‘2020 in review’ playlist

YouTube Music 2021 Recap is a big step up from last year’s ‘2020 in review’ playlist

Following in Spotify’s footsteps, YouTube Music has started rolling out its own version of Wrapped 2021 to users. The 2021 Recap is a big step up from the “Year in Review” playlist that YouTube Music shared last year, and it gives you an extensive look at your year in music.

In a recent blog post, YouTube revealed that the YouTube Music 2021 Recap will give users access to personalized stats for top artists, songs, music videos, and playlists from this year, along with user-generated top playlists, recent music discoveries, and more. Like Spotify’s Wrapped 2021, YouTube Music 2021 Recap lets you easily share your stats and playlists with friends on various platforms.


Screenshot showing YouTube Music 2021 Recap in app

According to 9to5Google, if the 2021 Recap playlist is available on your device, you should also see a new 2021Recap option when tapping on your profile avatar in the top-right corner of the YouTube Music app. The option, which appears between History and Paid memberships, includes a graphic about your top artist, your favorite playlist and the number of minutes you listened to it, and your top song with the number of plays. In addition, it features a more detailed breakdown of your top track. As with other 2021 Recap features, you can download and share this graphic with friends.

YouTube Music 2021 Recap started rolling out to users towards the end of last month. However, it was only available for a handful of users at first. The feature still isn’t widely available, but it should reach more users in the coming days now that YouTube has made an official announcement. At the moment, the feature is not available on any of my devices but your mileage may vary.

Do you see your 2021 Recap in YouTube Music? Share your top track and other stats in the comments section below.

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