YouTube Music’s new activity bar gives quick access to four personalized playlists

YouTube Music’s new activity bar gives quick access to four personalized playlists

With the deprecation of Google Play Music in full effect, YouTube Music is getting all the love. That includes a new activity bar that will feature common activities on the homepage, and new personalized “My Mix” playlists.

According to YouTube, The new activity bar is designed to give users quick access to four featured activities: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Tapping on one will take you to a dedicated personalized homepage that’s filled with playlists curated for that activity.

So, if you’re starting a workout, click on the Workout activity and you’ll see playlists that will fit your workout. The new activity bar is a great way to match the moment with exactly the music you need. It’s a convenient way to spend more time listening and less time searching through playlists.


YouTube Music My Supermix

In addition, YouTube Music user’s will also find up to seven new personalized My Mix playlists on the Home tab. These playlists are designed to be diverse and capture a “different corner of your music world.” There’s also a new playlist called My Supermix, which combines all of your music tastes into one.

“Pick your vibe and hit ‘play’ to hear hours of music that blend some of your favorite songs with new favorites, all tied together through a cohesive sonic theme,” said Nathan Lasche, Product Manager at YouTube Music.

Your My Mix playlists will always update, so your experience will change from one week to the next. The goal is to keep YouTube Music subscribers interested and coming back for more.

Over the past several weeks, Google has dedicated more time to shaping YouTube Music into a more refined music streaming service. In addition to today’s features, the service was recently updated to include Global Charts and Trends for the most popular trends worldwide.

The new activity bar and personalized playlists are rolling out now on Android and iOS.

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