YouTube Music in Android Auto adds a playlist button and lets free users play uploaded songs

YouTube Music in Android Auto adds a playlist button and lets free users play uploaded songs

Google Play Music is on its last few breaths, as the service expected to be sunset by the end of this year. Meanwhile, YouTube Music is racing to gain feature parity, adding in a slew of features in recent weeks, such as finally letting free users download playlists containing uploaded songs. Now, YouTube Music is taking a few more steps forward in that direction, allowing users on Android Auto to play uploaded songs on the free tier, and also adding in a playlist button.

A Reddit user by the name Stoney2333 spotted that YouTube Music on Android Auto now allows users to play their own uploaded songs if they are on the free tier. This was something that was missing for free users, which is not very surprising considering that the free tier on the service is very poor in comparison to other alternatives such as Spotify and even the erstwhile Google Play Music. This change is another step towards the service playing catchup, and users will surely appreciate it. To access it, you can speak the command, “Okay Google, play my <name of playlist> playlist on YouTube Music” or specify the song.


Similarly, another user on Reddit by the name Denziiey spotted that the Android Auto app now displays a button for user playlists.

The feature addition might appear small, but it was missing nonetheless. Another welcome change.

There’s still a lot of catching up that YouTube Music needs to do, such as improve its music discovery, increase the bitrate cap from 256kbps, better playlist sorting options, and more. There’s also the fact that music videos on YouTube are also part of the music streaming service, which often leads to other YouTube videos also sneaking their way into a music playback session. Hopefully, the service can keep improving over the months and years before getting replaced by another alternative from Google.

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