YouTube Music begins surfacing community-generated playlists on the homepage

YouTube Music begins surfacing community-generated playlists on the homepage

Google has been making a bit of a push with YouTube Music recently, adding key features to help it against competitors. One of the biggest changes to the platform was the introduction of free ad-supported background streaming, though that’s still currently being tested in Canada before a wider rollout. Now, “from the community” playlists are appearing on the homepage of YouTube Music — on both mobile and desktop — with links to user-generated playlists.

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The section was first spotted by /u/PGodwine over on the /r/YouTubeMusic subreddit (via 9to5Google), with others confirming that it has appeared in their app, too. I don’t have it on any of my devices, and nor did anyone at 9to5Google, but you can check if you have the feature by going to the homepage of your YouTube Music app. It’s effectively a way to find community-made playlists, rather than automatically generated collections created purely around your music tastes. Community-generated playlists were previously spotted appearing in the “Explore” tab.


Previously, you could find community-made playlists by selecting a specific mood in the “Explore” tab, though they were tied to specific moods. There was no way to find playlists that match your particular music taste. As 9to5Google suggests, it appears that the “From the community” tab pulls from your listening history in order to find playlists with similarities, rather than looking for playlists that match certain criteria.

It appears that Google has been putting a lot more focus on YouTube Music recently. The company tested a new “Library” tab in search recently to help you find songs easily. It has also rolled out a new Material You-themed widget to control your music from your homescreen, and it was also testing another widget to see your recently played music. Given the renewed focus on YouTube Music from Google recently, there may be more features yet to come.

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