YouTube Music is rolling out an Explore tab for users to discover new music

YouTube Music is rolling out an Explore tab for users to discover new music

YouTube Music has been out for a while, but Google is still rolling out pretty major changes. Just this month already, Google rolled out a revamped library that brings it more in line with Google Play Music. Last month, they redesigned the player page, and before that, they finally added local uploads. Now, YouTube Music’s “Hotlist” is being replaced by an “Explore” tab.

The “Hotlist” is a feature that has been present in YouTube Music since launch. YouTube Music was originally more about music videos, which is what was featured in the Hotlist feed. It was essentially a trending page for music videos. The new “Explore” tab is much closer to what you would expect to see in a modern music streaming app.


As the name implies, the Explore tab is all about helping users find new music and artists. There are two big sections at the top of the tab for “New Releases” and “Moods & Genres.” The former has new releases that are somewhat catered toward your YouTube Music listening preferences. The latter is for finding the perfect playlist or genre for whatever you’re doing. The images above, sent to us by Google, also show off the new lyric support.

The Explore tab also has a big section for “New albums & singles” front and center as well as several quick choices for moods and genres. Overall, it’s just a much more useful tab than the old Hotlist. These are features that are easily accessible in popular apps like Spotify, but they were hidden or buried in YouTube Music. The update is rolling out now for Android and will soon come to the web player. You can download the latest version of the application from the Google Play Store below, but there’s no guarantee you’ll immediately see the new tab.

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