YouTube Music improves music discovery with three personalized playlists

YouTube Music improves music discovery with three personalized playlists

Ever since its launch back in May 2018, YouTube Music has received several updates that introduced key features that were missing in the initial release. The app has received support for Android Auto, the ability to play locally stored media, an Android widget, and gapless playback support in previous updates. These new features make YouTube Music one of the best media players and music streaming services on Android, but it’s still far from being perfect. For instance, discovering music on the platform still isn’t as good as rival apps like Spotify and that isn’t the only problem with the app. Thankfully though, Google is now addressing this issue with the latest update for YouTube Music.


According to a recent blog post from the company, YouTube Music is now getting an update that brings three new personalized playlists for improved music discovery. The new Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix playlists aim to keep you up to date on what’s new and introduce you to artists and songs based on your interests. These playlists are automatically updated at regular intervals based on your listening history and each playlist offers a unique experience.

The Discover Mix playlist helps you discover new artists and songs based on your preferences and listening history. It offers 50 completely new tracks each week and is updated every Wednesday. The New Release Mix, as the name suggests, brings all the latest releases by your favorite artists along with new releases from similar artists. The playlist will receive a major update every Friday with a couple of smaller mid-week updates throughout the week. Finally, the Your Mix playlist features your favorite songs and artists, along with a few similar songs that you’ve never heard before. The playlists will receive small updates regularly based on your most recent activity.

The blog post states that all three new playlists are now available in YouTube Music globally, however, at the time of writing, I was only able to see the Your Mix and New Release Mix playlists on my device.

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