[Update: Rolling Out] YouTube Music player page adds a “Related” tab for recommended songs and playlists

[Update: Rolling Out] YouTube Music player page adds a “Related” tab for recommended songs and playlists

Update 1 (6/16/2020 @ 5:19 PM EST): The new “Related” tab is now rolling out for all users of YouTube Music on Android. More details below. The original article as published on May 21, 2020, is preserved as follows.

Earlier this year in March, Google rolled out a redesigned player page for YouTube Music on Android. The updated UI included a new tab for static lyrics at the bottom of the music player, alongside the Up Next tab which lists all songs in the current playlist. Now, according to a couple of recent posts on Reddit, YouTube Music is getting a new “Related” tab in the same position on the player page.


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As its name suggests, the Related tab lists down recommended songs and playlists based on whatever you’re currently listening to. As you can see in the screenshot above, the tab includes a section called You might also like, which lists similar songs, and a Recommended playlists section, which lists similar playlists. However, another screenshot of the Related tab suggests that it will also show similar artists and other songs from the artist that you’re currently listening to. This leads us to believe that Google hasn’t finalized the design yet and might make some further changes to the tab before it’s released to more users.

At the moment, it isn’t clear whether the new Related tab has been added to the YouTube Music app as part of the latest update or if it has been enabled by a server-side switch. The feature is currently only available to a handful of users and we have no information from Google regarding a broader rollout. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more from the company.

Via: Reddit (1,2)

Screenshots courtesy of /u/ZubinB and /u/uulven.

Update 1: Rolling Out

A spokesperson for YouTube Music has informed us that, starting today, the Related tab is rolling out to all users of the Android app. Google says the Related tab is an “extension of our recent redesign to the Play Page in YouTube Music meant to enhance the user playback experience.” Within the tab, users can see the following:

  • Related songs
  • Recommended programmed playlists
  • Similar artists
  • Additional albums and EPs from the artist
  • About section providing additional information about the artist

This feature is rolling out globally for Android users and will be available soon for iOS users.

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